Land casinos in the race for licence

The french casinos have anticipated this decision. For some several years already. The group Partouche was one of the main enthusiasts to open this market of online gaming, and Patrick Partouche did not hesitate in surveying the television stages in order to offer his vision of online gaming. As the government gave positive signs for legalisation of online games sites, other players announced their intention to embark on this adventure. This was the case in the first group of terrestrial casinos, the Barrier Group, which has clearly announced to be ready on the opening day of the market. the powerful group has begun to create an online version of fun casino for the french public, until its legalisation. thus, players can enjoy in french fake money and discover the multitude of casino games offered to them. The fun mode will offer the gamers the opportunity to see the platform, the games , various functions and will be available in real money once the green light is given by their makers.

Other groups are also on the “starting blocks”, and are willing to take part of the estimated several billion euros profits each year. All groups of land casinos have their eyes riveted to the online gaming industry, according to experts, the future of casinos. it could be that fans of the land casinos are turning increasingly towards the online platforms, although nothing can replace the ambiance of a real casino.
These land casinos have an advantage over certain groups of online casinos that have sprung on the Internet: connections with the state. Regular reports are sent to the top of the pyramid and everything is controlled. The gaming licence will be granted automatically to these groups since the french state knows who is behind these groups of confidence.

The weak point of these new casinos in the Internet domain is their lack of knowledge of the terrain. Indeed, for decades, online casinos are present on the canvas and gathers all necessary to break into this competitive environment. Large casinos groups have experienced the essentials, over the years, which enabled their casinos to survive in the landscape of the game row. Groups like Euro Partners (left to be having condemnable practices towards its partners), Wagershare, Intercasino or Party Gaming have the essential experience, over the years, which enabled their casinos to survive in the landscape of online gaming. It is noteworthy that some groups of online casinos do not have their own marketing department and outsource this task. There are certain companies specializing in marketing online affiliation and they know the workings of this industry that tends to explode. The network of affiliated and e-mailing specialized agencies is very important and possesses a know-how acquired only with time. These agencies have acquired such knowledge that the land casinos willing to launch themselves in online gaming have no choice but to merge with such an agency which knows exactly the virtual world.

A crucial year for casinos

The year 2009 announces to be crucial in the world of French casinos. The online casinos should be legal in 2009 in France,which is not really the case nowadays. Faced with a legal system somewhat ambiguous concerning the online games, the government wished to clarify the situation in a suitable manner. Some

business like 888 and Bwin had made a lot of noise, especially when the decision of examination was obliged by Norbert Teufelberger and Manfred Bodner (leaders of the mentioned business), in September 2006.
At the end of 2006 was launched the debate on the online games, and all media took this case to question the legality of online gaming. The European Union did not want to talk about this disturbing subject. Two clans opposed their points of view: on one hand the ones in favor of the online games such as Great Britain and Malta, jewels of online casino hosting companies, and on the other hand, the ones opposing the internet games where France was the door flag. At least initially. The online games sites took advantage of this windfall to explain the “double standards” of the French government against the online games.Française des Jeux (FDJ) and Pari Mutuel Urbain (PMU) possess the monopoly in France since chandeliers. In order to protect the millions of Euro of revenues that come into the state treasury each year, the french government tried to explain the inexplicable. How to ban sports online betting sites and consider them as being illegal, while the FDJ and PMU made their promotion, right before the eyes of all their games available online? The players of the online casino world, sports betting and poker gave their best in putting pressure on Brussels in referring to one of the fundamental points o fthe European Union: the free movement of services. France is therefore located at the basis of the wall.
The companies lobby worked upstream to pressure the policy makers and to prove the reliability of the major players in the online games industry, who are willing to pay taxes for any operating game license.
Paris played the card and has often been called at the order of Brussels, particularly by the European Commissioner for Internal Market, Charlie McCreevy , a horse races enthusiast.Things were quickly precipitated in June 2008, when the Sarkozy government has decided and announced the market opening for the foreign operators. It was announced by the Budget Minister, Eric Woerth. He stated clearly that: “three sectors of online games will be opened for competition: sports betting, horse racing bets and some casino games including poker.” The bill should be presented to the Parliament in autumn 2008 and the implementation of market opening would begin in 2009.
The groups of online casinos and terestrial casinos welcomed the announcement, fact that puts the FDJ and PMU at the same level as the other operators of online gaming sites, including horse races. Some voices were heard against this project of french market opening, jeopardizing the financing of the horse industry and threatened hundreds of jobs. Eric Woerth has announced that the grand oppening will be “observed” and tightly controlled. For this, a special cell should be created in order to analyse the demands of each online casino group, Internet poker or sports betting. any company wanting to offer its services in France will have to meet specifications and strict criteria of acute transparency. In addition, sites having European license will not automatically receive the french license. In fact, while the island of Malta is very demanding regarding the companies operating online games, France wants to check the accounts for each of the protagonists willing to offer their services on the french market.