Daniel Negreanu -‘kid poker’ and ‘kid golfer’

Daniel Negreanu has put to good use his golf and poker skills at PokerStars EPT Vilamoura as he managed to win this exciting and innovative competition. This poker tournament combined golf fairways and poker tables into a splendid mix against the backdrop of the exotic sea-side resort of Vilamoura in Portugal.

On Day 1 the competition was held on the golf course. Depending on their performance at golf, each competitor had their score converted into equivalent chips for Day’s 2 poker confrontation.

After years of improving his golf techniques, Negreanu’s efforts are finally paying off. At the end of Day 1 his chips stack rose by $2,500.

The ‘Kid poker’ proved that he is just as talented in poker as in golf, if anyone would still doubt his poker skills after he has been a WSOP bracelet winner 4 times. On Day 2 he lasted until the final table where he went heads up against Pieter De Korver whom he eliminated, Negreanu holding Q-J against his opponent’s J-2.

The prize money from EPT Vilamoura is not something Negreanu would boast on but he has surely enjoyed this tournament. His passion for golf and poker surely brought him more satisfaction than the modest €8,000 that he received for his victory.

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