David Vamplew wins EPT London 2010

The champion of EPT London 2010 is David Vamplew, a 23 year-old Scottish player who has just started to make a name for himself by defeating one of the most well-known and experienced poker players, John Juanda. He received £900,000 for first place.

Vamplew was surely not a favourite in the confrontation leading to the final table but he skilfully managed to raise a comfortable chip stack, surpassed only by Juanda and Kyle Bowker. It came as no surprise that the final table saw these three chip leaders play against each other. They started the three-hand table at fairly close chip stack levels: John Juanda leading with 10,5 millions, Bowker with 8,5 millions and Vamplew 6 millions.

After a clash with Juanda, Bowker left the final table. The third place brought him £300,000. For Juanda, this meant winning Bowker’s stack and almost doubling his own.

As a result, Vamplew had to enter in a heads-up against an opponent 4 times stronger than him in terms of chips but this didn’t discourage him. The heads-up lasted almost 4 hours and it was rather stark, with no amusing parts or dynamism. Juanda took his time to calculate each and every move and seemed fresh, only from time to time stretching his neck muscles. On the other hand, Vamplew looked at times physically drained and mentally exhausted and yet he managed to fight back and level the chip counts.

Vamplew gradually improved his situation. Juanda had to move in for his final 3.5 million; Vamplew called. Juanda showed K2 against Vamplew’s A3. Next, when Vamplew hit two pair on the flop, he became EPT London’s 2010 Champion. Juanda took home £545,000 for second place.

Juanda is one of the world’s top poker pros with four bracelets and more than $10.5 million gathered in his tournament history. In contrast, for Vamplew, the EPT London was the first major win and his second notable cash, the first one being at the World Series of Poker earlier this year.

“He got really unlucky,” said Vamplew about Juanda’s performance. “It will be really interesting to see what he had when it was broadcast, what he had when he was getting me off some of my hands.”

The final results of EPT London Main Event were:
1. David Vamplew – £900,000
2. John Juanda – £545,000
3. Kyle Bowker – £300,000
4. Artur Wasek – £240,000
5. Kayvan Payman – £190,000
6. Fernando Bito – £145,000
7. Tom Marchese – £100,000
8. Per Ummer – £66,800)

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