French casinos

Terrestrial casinos should connect to the services that the expert groups in this matter have to offer, ensuring the success in the matter. This strategy is the best for the two protagonists. The land casinos will benefit from the expertise and knowledge network of the casinos already in place. On the other hand, the online casinos will not have to worry about making the necessary in order to obtain a licence, since the french land casinos are well known as the white wolf by the authorities. This shocking partnership and the legalization of french market should encounter an explosion of connections in 2009. The french should rush to the casinos proposed by the mastodons of terrestrial casinos where the online sites should be a pure wonder.
This strategic alliance between the french terrestrial casinos and the marketing societies performing on the Internet is the sine qua condition for a quick success in the middle of the online game.

The land casinos are not the only performers interested in the online casino affairs. For example, major names as Vivendi, Orange, SFR and TF1 also have a eye on the virtual world. In addition, Stephane Courbit, a former pillar of Endemol, bought the online betting company Betclic. This company of online betting does not focus only on sports betting, but also on the online casino and virtual poker rooms.

The world of online games will take a 180 degrees turn in the coming months and the stakes are valued at several billion euros. The actors who wish to embark on this adventure have already taken their lead to the image of the important groups. The competition will be fierce and those who are the best could catch a train to a virtual world that is evolving with a high speed, not waiting for anybody.
Meet you at the and of 2009 to make a tour of horizon of the online games market which is rich in events and twists. case to follow.

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