Harrah’s Entertainment, soon on the online gaming market

Rumours on the possible arrival of Harrah’s Entertainment group on the online gambling market were eventually confirmed. Such an expansion for this prestigious group organizing the largest series of poker tournaments in the world – the WSOP- could prove particularly gainful. The decision is also significant for anticipating somehow the much awaited regularization of online casinos in USA. With a new administration at Washington, the legalization is from now on only a matter of time and Harrah’s casinos will be among the “conquerors” of the virtual. Therefore, they started to provide themselves with the means for dealing with the challenges once the U.S. market will reopen.

The former CEO of PartyGaming has therefore been chosen as the leader of Harrah’s new department. From the beginning, hiring Garber was meant to set up the arrival of Harrah’s on the market of online poker. Garber previously served as CEO of PartyGaming after the company had been drawn out of the U.S. market, following the guidelines of the UIGEA. Garber managed to keep his company afloat, despite a considerable loss of income, and his intensive experience in the industry of online gambling is a rich asset for Harrah’s in its attempt to conquer a new market.

PartyGaming, which has plead guilty to having illegally provided online gambling services in U.S. and accepted to pay a colossal $ 105 million penalty, is now back in the good graces of the U.S government and, in the event that the Republicam Barney Frank succeeded in imposing a legislation favorable to the online casino industry, Garber would be in the ideal position to negotiate with the government the entry in this market of the prestigious Harrah’s Entertainment.

Gary Loveman, chairman of the Harrah’s, has never hidden his desire to see the online gambling legalized and regulated in U.S. However, the news that Harrah’s is about to launch an online version of its casinos has been welcomed by many in the industry. With a strong image and an excellent notoriety, the use of the “WSOP” label will allow Harrah’s to reach and occupy a dominant position in the field.

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