Joe Cada is the 2009 WSOP champion

The WSOP 2009 Final Table saw a 21 years old American becoming the tournament’s youngest winner. After a fierce final in Las Vegas, ended on 10 November, Joe Cada pocketed $ 8.5 million.

The youngest world champion since the tournament was created 40 years ago, won the deciding hand with a pair of nine, face to Darvin Moon, 25 years old, who had a jack to oppose it.

“I want to thank all my fans and my friends”, said Cada, overwhelmed, in a room of the Rio hotel-casino. The young man who abandoned his studies to become professional poker player, won thanks to a spectacular return in the game through bluffs.

Coming from Detroit (Michigan, North), Joe Cada is the son of an unemployed auto worker and of a casino employee. At first, the latter tried to dissuade his son from abandon his studies and make a living on online poker. But her son’s passion for the game soon convinced her to let Joe follow his own way: “When he started to cope so well, I told him to live his dream. He can always return to school if he wants to, but how many people do what they love?”

Besides the impressive prize, Joe Cada can boast with a gold bracelet that is traditionally a distinction offered to WSOP winners. For his second place, Darvin Moon cash in $ 5 million.

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