Joe Tehan- the surprise of NAPT Los Angeles

Though Chris DeMaci and Jason Mercier were the public’s favourites for winning the North American Poker Tour, the big surprise of the evening was Joe Tehan. He gradually eliminated player after player, moving up to his victory.

The start of the final table had the following configuration:

1. Christopher DeMaci – 6,283,000
2. Jason Mercier -3,800,000
3. Ray Henson – 3,268,000
4. Jacob Toole – 1,975,000
5. Joe Tehan -1,907,000
6. Michael Binger – 1,670,000
7. Anh Van Nguyen – 1,058,000
8. Al Grimes – 982,00

An exceptional rush of cards completely changed the above configuration. Quite from the start of final table, Tehan (KK) succeeded a double-up against DeMaci (AK). Soon afterwards he became the chip leader and began winning all the coin-flips.

The final results of the NAPT Los Angeles are:

1. Joe Tehan – 725,000$
2. Christopher DeMaci – 440,000$
3. Al Grimes – 250,000$
4. Anh Van Nguyen, – 195,000$
5. Ray Henson – 145,000$
6. Michael Binger – 114,000$
7. Jason Mercier – 84,857$
8. Jake Toole – 60,000$

The North American Poker Tour (NAPT) is a PokerStars sponsored event along with other PokerStars tournaments from the same category:

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