PokerStars new VIP programme for 2011

PokerStars is planning some changes to their VIP Programme for 2011. These changes may come in response to a recent bug at their VIP programme that modified the value of the loyalty points and some players have taken advantage of the situation.

The new VIP programme establishes that the Reward Bonuses purchased from the VIP Store are instantly transfered to the player’s account. This promo is actually active since October 1st, 2010, and the announcement confirms it also for 2011. The other changes that are supposed to become active from January 1st, 2011 are:

The standard gain rate for VPPs is still 6x for cash tables with 8 or more seats, and 5.5x for the rest of the games, except for certain micro-stakes games. Depending on the stake at No Limit and Pot Limit No Limit Holdem, some changes will increase the VPP multiplier, making them quickly earnable:

$0.01/$0.02: 10x
$0.02/$0.05: 8.5x
$0.05/$0.10: 7x
€0.01/€0.02: 12.5x
€0.02/€0.05: 10.5x
€0.05/€0.10: 9x

This change is not just a promotion, it will be permanent. PokerStars mentions that “some older tables awarding the previous VPP rates may still exist until the first server restart of 2011.”

Further changes will be applied to the Supernova Elite programme as well. If a player earns the SNE status in 2011, he/she will receive numerous significant discounts through the VIP Store on packages to many of PokerStars’ sponsored main events such as EPT, NAPT, LAPT and APPT tours. The most important discounts are available for the Grand Finale packages at PCA or EPT. Players who have already earned SNE status, will still receive rewards as presented above. Supernova Elite VIPs will continue to receive 5 FPP per VPP if they have the SNE status, plus a free entry to the WCOOP Main Event.

Another change is applied to the Milestone Cash Credits whose prices will be reduced from 50,000 FPP to only 1 FPP, putting it in line with VIP Stellar Rewards. In order to simplify the programme, each Milestone Cash Credit is now $800 smaller but this doesn’t mean a change in value.

The new 100,000 VPP VIP Stellar Reward (valuing $200), will replace the 100,000 VIP Milestone Cash Credit. In addition, the first Milestone Cash Credit will be awarded at 200,000 VIPs and all the 20 VIP Stellar Rewards will total $1200.

Below is a list of Miles Stone Cash Credits available to Supernova VIP players for 1 FPP each:
$2,600 at 200,000 VPPs
$2,800 at 300,000 VPPs
$3,000 at 400,000 VPPs
$3,200 at 500,000 VPPs
$3,600 at 600,000 VPPs
$3,800 at 700,000 VPPs
$4,200 at 800,000 VPPs

Next, the Milestone Cash Credits for Supernova Elite players cost also 1 FPP each as you can see below:
$20,000 at 1,000,000 VPPs
$9,200 at 1,250,000 VPPs
$9,200 at 1,500,000 VPPs
$9,200 at 1,750,000 VPPs
$19,200 at 2,000,000 VPPs
$9,200 at 2,250,000 VPPs
$9,200 at 2,500,000 VPPs
$9,200 at 2,750,000 VPPs

$19,200 at 3,000,000 VPPs

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