PPA disappointed

With only 50-75 participants, according to USA Today, the rally organized by Poker Players Alliance (PPA) last Tuesday proved to be a disappointment for players as well as for the alliance itself. The rally had the purpose of attracting the media’s attention to the faith of the poker players after the events of 15th April (Black Friday).

With over 1 million members, the PPA managed to attract only 50 participants at their rally, in spite of the rally being announced a few weeks in advance and of the worst blow that online poker has suffered since UIGEA 2006.

The rally has benefited from the presence of some important pro-poker speakers such as John Campbell and Joe Barton (republicans of the states of Texas and California, respectively). Among the other speakers at the rally, we can mention Linda Johnson (Women’s Poker Hall of Fame), Greg Raymer (Champion of WSOP 2004 Main Event) and the president and ex senator Alphonse D’Amato.

Some questions arise from these state of facts: given the low participation rate at the rally, is the online poker legislation really a major concern for the voters? Is PPA the best organisation for representing the players’ interests? Or is this just a confirmation of the prejudice that poker players are lazy? Irrespective of the reason laying behind the low attendance rate at the rally, it is clear that neither the poker players nor the PPA will have a strong word against any of the legislation’s outcome.

One Response to “PPA disappointed”

  1. Adryan Says:

    J. ToddAnother informative show. I am rlaley getting disgusted with our so called allies in congress. The UIGEA was passed quickly and without debate so why can’t it be overturned the same way? Attach the bill to must pass cash for clunkers already!