Right2Bet campaign fights for a single European gambling market

Online casino players interested in the liberalization of all European gaming markets now have a great opportunity to voice theirs demands. They are encouraged to support a new campaign, named “Right2Bet”, which asks the EU to impose to member states more liberal gambling laws.

The initiative “Right2Bet” seeks to fight against state monopolies on gambling. Initially funded by Betfair, the campaign brings together “European citizens claiming For the moment, the plan regards Germany, Finland, Sweden and Netherlands and is popularised as a petition. Its subscribers demand “the right to use Internet to bet in any country of the European Union and the right to choose gambling sites run by operators licensed in any member state”. The petition also asks that “further steps should be taken to remove barriers that prevent European consumers from exercising.

The Right2Bet campaign has its legal basis in the “Citizens Intitaive” section of the Lisbon Treaty. Under this section, if a petition is signed by one million citizens, it will be submitted to the European Parliament. Those wishing to freely play online within EU borders hope to influence in this way the political decisions that affect this area. The petition has so far raised about 10.000 signatures.

The campaign’s promoters followed the example of a similar project in US, initiated by Poker Players Alliance.

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