The real substitute of a real-life dealer at!, as you may already know, is the only website that uses real cards. Its brand new technology offers the players the possibility to play online while at the same time respecting the randomness of real life cards.

Unlike other websites that use a computer with a randomizing algorithm, uses real decks of cards that get shuffled and dealt by a machine exactly in the same way as a dealer would do in reality.

We can find more details about the dealing system on their website:

“No pseudo random number generators (PRNGs) are used in the card shuffling and dealing system. Physical decks of cards are shuffled multiple times for each deal. Audit trails are maintained for all aspects of the card shuffling and dealing system.”

Tests have been carried out by iTech Labs to see if this system resembles reality and it seems to be a perfect substitute of a real life dealer.

“The deals generated by the system have passed tests for statistical randomness, and for the occurrence of standard poker hands. iTech Labs has found that the card sequences are unpredictable, non-repeatable and uniformly distributed. “

You can find more about this technology yourself on their website. In my opinion, it’s the fairest poker system for online players at present. Why? Because it’s real! The other websites, with an algorithm based system, may not respect so well the real-life cards randomness. A prove of this can be found on forums where discontented players blame the algorithm for dealing repeatedly the same cards in a short amount of time.

In case you were wondering, the game is not slowed down by its dealing system.

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